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Dr. Russell Russo - Mastermind of the GRIND

Think this is another doctor pushing a supplement, not so much.  Dr. Russo lives the GRIND.  He currently serves as one of the youngest hospital chiefs of staff in the country and is also the hospital director of orthopedics & sports medicine. He skipped college to begin medical school early and finished medical school in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina years. Dr. Russo is a double board certified orthopedic surgeon who has always had a passion for performance medicine.

As a fellow at Houston Methodist, Dr. Russo worked with the NASA Astronauts, Houston Astros, Houston Texans, Houston Rockets, and Rice University Athletics.

In that time, Dr. Russo studied these athletes and high level performers and what made them the best. In addition to the athletes, Dr. Russo covered NASA, the Houston symphony, and the Houston ballet. All these performers shared the same qualities.

Separating the Best from the Rest

On returning home to New Orleans, Dr. Russo realized all of these high level performers had one thing in common. They had an undeniable work ethic and focus on their skill. They practiced and they played at their best.

Along with help, Dr. Russo recreated the specialized supplements and nutrition the athletes and performers were given everyday by teams of high level physicians, surgeons, and scientists to make them better. Even a small edge at the professional level is what separates champions from runner-ups.

With a background in orthopedic surgery, a mixture of ingredients to help with joint health was the last piece of the puzzle to keep athletes and performers doing what they do best.  After 3 years of perfecting those ingredients, we now have GRIND.

Dr. Kimberly Dao Russo

With an expertise in Internal Medicine, Dr. Kimberly Dao Russo collaborated with her sports-focused husband and business partner to take GRIND from an idea to fruition. Her focus was set on assuring this formula was fluff-free -- only including the necessary ingredients to get the job done. Different supplements seen everyday in pre-workout mixes can cause bleeding, can lead to liver toxicity, or even unknowingly affect prescription drugs.

As the founder of activewear line, Smitten Kitten, Kimberly was also adamant to guarantee GRIND would not lead to increased bulkiness or "pump." Creatine found in many pre-workout mixes and energy drinks may tout increased stamina but it can actually cause increases in swelling, bulk, and water weight, too. Not a welcomed bonus for anyone wanting to tone and slim down. 

Together, they honed in on the ingredients that would give the maximum focus, clarity, energy, recovery, and joint support needed for a wide array of individuals -- from the professional athlete to a mom-on-the-go.  GRIND is here to get anyone in gear!  


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